Building Project22

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This is nothing but a hobby - however it still takes some a looot of time to get it look the way I w

What theme to use?

Jeez, if I knew - there is probably a better way to do this --

Theme inheritance is key

Discussion how to change parts of a base twig and not the whole things

How to use Twig?

Twig is the templating system used by Grav ... and so far I have no clue how I can use it to it's full potential.

Getting icons running in Grav

code bell

Finally settled on using Forkawesome Icons.

Thinking about content structure

2 Options:

  • All of it as individual items.
  • Have two different parents with children

See here for creating nice tree diagrams95.Hhild%200%2CHategory4Bnews.I%206BjK.7%20%7BE8!true9%5CnA%20ParentB-%20CourE%23tagFsCce!G01%7DH%20cI5%20KCnal%01KIHGFECBA9876540.)

News Parent/
├── news child 1   
├── news child 2 (#tag2, category1)
├── news child 3 (#tag1, category2)
└── etc etc
Journal Parent/
├── journal child 1
├── journal child 2
└── etc etc
Taxonomy Pages/
├── All Pages: **Category 1**
├── All Pages: Category 2
├── All Pages: tag1 1
└── etc etc