Starting with projects


  1. clarify project taxonomy and definitions
  2. integrate project taxonomy into project Pages / i.e. blueprints or similar
  3. develop modules (or whatever) to show the project taxonomy of pages

Project definitions


First - the taxonomy:

    category: something
    tag: [tag1, tag2, etc]
    project: P22development

This is now available for all pages -- meaning every page can be part of a project. The info will then later be accessible under: page.header.taxonomy.project ...

Project definition

The project page itself should have a few more data points:

    is_active: true
    description: short description of project
    collection_type: 'Project' can be anything like: Trip, Project, Collection, XYZ -- der Ueberbegriff
    project_tag: the tag that posts have, to belong to this project   
    title: the project title

Until now I don't know exactly what to do with these data points, but they seem useful to me, for later application.

I want to make these available in the Admin interface for new project pages

  • [ ] Q: How to make it possible for projects to later be part of a blog or similar?